AMP engineering consulting

logo_spinoff_unige_coloriAdvanced Machines for Power & Propulsion (AMP S.r.l.) is a consulting engineering firm that offers leading technical expertise and provides cost-effective solutions to customers’ needs. Our team of engineers is composed of professionals from industry and from international research institutions with over 30 years of experience.

The long-time collaboration with Power Generation international players enabled AMP engineers to achieve important goals in advanced design and optimization of turbomachinery components and products, gaining a state of the art expertise in physical modeling and numerical design for a wide range of fluid dynamic, thermal and mechanical problems.

Advanced computational techniques, based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), structural analysis (Finite Element Method – FEM), Thermo-economics evaluation and optimization (genetic algorithm, meta-modeling), are utilized in combination with “hands-on” experience to address these topics. This makes the difference between a basic knowledge and a deep understanding of customers’ needs.

AMP is a3D multi-disciplinary academic spin off derived from the research activity developed at the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering (DIME).

 AMP offers customers reliable and advanced consulting services in the field of component design and analysis for power generation and oil&gas indutry.