Power Generation

Power generation plantThermoelectric power-plants use thermal energy from fossil fuels combustion (for example coal, oil or natural gas) which, through a thermodynamic cycle, is converted, firstly, into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. The electrical efficiency of the plants currently in operation can reach values of about 60% (combined cycle).

Since the global electricity demand is continuously increasing, it is necessary to upgrade thermoelectric plants, in order to make them more efficient and flexible, in a global market more and more competitive. Moreover, the increasing and widespread proliferation of renewable energy pose new challenges in the design and the upgrade of fossil power-plants, so that they could be correctly coupled to very discontinuous energy sources (a typical example is the wind energy).

The experience gained in the design and analysis of components for the power generation industry is our strength. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in this field, especially in aerodynamic, thermal and mechanical design of gas and steam turbines. The use of advanced computational procedures, coupled with automatic optimization tools, enable to reach performance target improving efficiency and reducing costs.

steam turbine