Renewable Energy

Wind turbines

Renewable energy is nowadays one of the most promising field of research and development both for academia and for industries. For this reason, AMP provides customers with excellent and advanced competencies design and analysis of machines and components for the exploitation of renewable energies, above all hydro and wind.

In the last years these sources are replacing the traditional fossil fuels. A new method for energy generation is developing, cleaner (with drastic reduction of CO2 emissions and of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide) and more sustainable (by using sources essentially unlimited).

AMP activities are mainly related to hydro, wind, tides and biomass energy.

AMP engineers have a more than 20 years long experience in turbine design and simulation. Therefore, in the renewable energy sector, we are capable to offer a deep insight on wind and hydraulic turbines performance, aimed at on-site characterization. Moreover, we are also capable to offer to our customer an unique design capability, applicable at the customization of existing systems but also to the complete design of newly systems.

Wind turbine
Francis turbine
Renewable energy