Thermal Analysis

AMP engineers are experts in thermal analysis, thermal management, heat transfer, thermodynamics and heat sinkPiston and Rod thermal analysis design, conceiving and developing your optimized solutions and supply comprehensive documentation. Our technicians utilize analytical, numerical and empirical methods in order to ensure the most accurate prediction of performance in the field of thermal analysis.
AMP provides its technical support, acquired in the industrial and academic fields, for the evaluation of thermal fluxes, thermal loads, transient operating conditions and other topics, widening from heat exchangers, industrial burners, boilers.

Our main areas of expertise are the followings:
– Conductive/convective/radiative thermal exchange problems
– Steady/transient thermal analysis
– Thermal verification according to laws on components
– Cooling systems analysis and optimization
– Conjugate heat transfer analysis
– Phase change analysis

Thermal analysis of heat exchangers

Our customers often need to properly evaluate, also at a preliminary design stage, thermal behaviour of plant components. Using CFD and FEM for thermal analysis enables to quickly estimate temperatures, heat fluxes and mechanical stresses in steel structures.