Combustion Numerical Simulation

AMP combustion numerical simulation consultancy services can help you make the step towards better productivity and improved product quality. Our specialists will advise on issues such as refractory failures, incomplete combustion, high fuel consumption with low output and poor product quality. We’ll also provide specialized consultancy on high emissions and alternative fuels optimization. AMP srl can also offer target R&D programs to suit your individual needs.
Areas that may require design services include process design, ducting design, fuel handling and burner system design; our expertise covers burners, incinerators, flares, pilot systems.

Combustion numerical simulation CAD modelOur main areas of expertise are the followings:
– Thermal release
– Flame-holding, flashback and blow-off phenomena
– Delay time
– Pollutant emissions
– Combustion efficiency
– Radiative and convective thermal loads
– Fuel-oxidizer mixing

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